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Our Satin reversible Adult and Kids Hair Bonnets are so lush and soft. Each pattern was selected and sewn to bring out the elegance in you!


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Alberta, Canada

Best Decision I made in 2020 honestly. I saw a friend who used the waist trainer for like 4 months and i was amazed by the result. So far can't believe the curves that I am getting. Love it! going for the size below soon and it has only being 2 weeks.

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Alberta, Canada

I have been a waist trainer user for 15 years, and this product is my best buy hands down. I love that it moulds into your body shape, making it comfortable like everyday clothing. Its been 2 weeks since I got them and I am loving the results so far... waistline looking and feeling good already. Great buy! I recommend this product.

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Abuja, Nigeria

This waist trainer is amazing. I picked it up today, got home dead tired but just had to wear it. The fabric is 100% latex. My shape is about to come back to life.

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